About Love Food B Fit

Love Food B Fit’s goal is to help you discover your love for food, fitness, and health. Love Food B Fit strives to provide you with evidence-based nutrition information so that you can face the world of food and fitness with facts instead of fear. Additionally, Love Food B Fit understands the importance of positivity, inclusivity, and mindfulness, and the role they play in allowing you to live your best life.

About Elora

Hello, lovelies! My name is Elora, and I’m a registered dietitian (RD) who is also licensed in the state of Texas (my home state). Being a registered dietitian means that I’ve gone through rigorous training and schooling to be able to provide evidence-based (AKA no BS) nutrition information and medical nutrition therapy to individuals like you! Learn more about me below and what it takes to become a registered dietitian here.

I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition with an emphasis in Dietetics from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX in 2014. Texas Woman’s University is well known in Texas and surrounding areas for producing excellent healthcare professionals (Go Pioneers!). After undergrad, I worked for two years as a clinical dietetic technician in a well known and respected hospital. I worked directly with patients, dietitians, and the rest of the healthcare team.

My goal was to enrich my patients’ lives and guide them towards a healthier future.

I then completed my dietetic internship (required 1200 hour supervised practice experience) at hospitals around the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex. My internship’s emphasis was in clinical nutrition (specifically critical care) and management. However, my last and favorite rotation was community nutrition where I got to work with a certified diabetes educator (CDE) in a diabetes clinic and a local private practice with dietitians who specialize in eating disorders and pediatrics.

Since then, I passed my RD exam and have been working to complete my Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Systems through the University of Southern Mississippi and will graduate in May of 2019. I’ve also continued to work in the field of clinical dietetics where I work with various patient populations (intensive care, oncology, women’s, gastroenterology, etc.) to ensure they are getting the nutrition needed to heal quickly, prevent loss of muscle mass, reduce GI symptoms, and improve blood sugar levels. As a clinical dietitian, I also write and manage tube feeding regimens to ensure that even patient’s who can’t physically eat still get the nutrition that they need.

Despite enjoying the fast-paced, and often intense life of a clinical dietitian, I found that my original goal was being missed in the frenzy of consults, “to enrich my patients’ lives and guide them towards a healthier future.” Although I was providing enrichment through some form or another, I was rarely getting to guide patients towards healthier futures. Therefore, I decided to start this blog to help you all have healthier futures and live your best lives so that I can too.

When I’m not helping others, I’m working on my many interests (too many actually). I enjoy trying new foods and recipes and cooking meals for others to enjoy. I also enjoy staying active whether it be by trail running, weight lifting, hiking, going for long walks, riding my horses, dancing, or rollerskating. I also enjoy spending time with my sweet dog Coco a Samoyed x Malamute cross and, of course, my horses.

Elora with her quarter horse named Babe.